Is James Bond Actually Great at Poker?

James Bond is, without having a shadow of a question, just one of the most suave fictional characters of all time. Additional usually than not he is depicted as a man of huge character and skill – an specific so talented and able it defies all logic and explanation.

A “one of a variety,” if you will.

Lore-smart, he excels at… well, really much every thing a man can excel at that list is very long and seemingly countless, but the matter that interests us the most is whether or not he was actually as good at poker as the lots of James Bond movies have led us to imagine.


It is an intriguing issue to ponder on, particularly after you component in just how many periods this storied agent happened to have sat down at a poker desk – to say practically nothing of his quite a few gambling wins and triumphs, all of which have been entertaining the masses for many a 10 years.

James Bond failed to generally gain, but even in those people scenarios, he somehow acquired what he was hunting for he feigned inexperience, he dropped deliberately so as to get an higher hand about his adversaries in some other way.

We like our protagonists to be a little bit extra fallible, but as significantly as amusement goes, James Bond is about as great as it gets.

James Bond – The Ideal Poker Player

Bond’s favourite card game is in fact baccarat, not Texas Hold’em or any other kind of poker. Regretably, that sport is nowhere in close proximity to as entertaining (or exciting to check out) which is why the writers of Casino Royale resolved to make the swap and the relaxation, as they say, is history.

That thirty-moment-very long poker scene is an complete masterclass. You can find actually no other way to say it.

He is A Pure

Tense, riveting, and extremely effectively-directed from commence to finish. It also highlights Bond’s gambling prowess – the likes of which were being properly-recognised even prior to that place. Agent 007 approaches gambling in a great deal the very same way as he does all other matters: with a ton of bravado and a pinch of harmful masculinity.

He’s also imbued with all the several qualities and virtues a single desires in get to excel at poker.

James Bond is usually relaxed, interesting, and collected (even in the most demanding of predicaments), which means he’d dominate in most sorts of gambling – be it in individual or on line on the numerous poker web pages that are easily out there.

The response to the opening dilemma would just have to be affirmative. There is a little bit of luck included as well, but much of 007’s accomplishment stems not from happenstance but somewhat a fearless strategy and an unyielding perception in one’s self.

For a better glimpse at some of James Bond’s most theatrical gambling wins, make absolutely sure to look at the adhering to video clip: at?v=trMOgbRV0HU

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